A missing mother was discovered dead in her car, but her five-month-old boy was found alive.

Alexis Morales, 27, and her son Messiah were last seen on April 12 at a picnic in Indiana.

She told her pals she was heading home to feed her son, but she never did.

As family and friends searched for the mother and son, a Silver Alert was issued.

Alexis Morales Cause of death

On April 19, cops discovered Alexis, Messiah, and her 2006 BMW X5 SUV in South Bend.

According to WSBT, officers discovered her dead in the car while Messiah was brought to a local hospital.
The baby’s hypothermic injuries are anticipated to heal.

The couple was discovered 10 minutes away from Kelly Park, where the event was taking place.

Sandra Piggie, Alexis’ mother, said it was unusual for her daughter not to return home.

“This is out of the ordinary,” she told WNDU. If she wanted to go out and have more fun, she would have at least called me or dropped the baby off at my house.”
Alexis didn’t reach out to her pals, according to Ms. Piggie.

Locals stated they saw the SUV but didn’t think it was connected to Alexis.

“My spouse was the one who discovered it,” one resident told ABC57, admitting they felt horrible for not notifying the cops sooner.

“He asked me after a game on Thursday night, you know, have you seen, did you notice the BMW in the rear, and I said no, I didn’t.”

“Oh, it’s just sitting there, I don’t know who it belongs to,” he said.

“I wish we could have reported the truck a long time ago,” they continued.
The case will be handed over to the Violent Crimes Unit by South Bend Police and the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation is still ongoing.


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