a Bluetooth controller for Android and Steam

Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition a Bluetooth controller for Android and Steam

Xiaomi has had a fickle foray into the gaming world. Although they have launch mobiles for gars unr their POCO and Black Shark brands, it is surprising that in all these years the manufacturer has not present on the market gar peripherals of PC, until now.

The king of the quality-price ratio has just launch the Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition in China, its first Bluetooth controller with multi-platform support and somatosensory control. <>Do you want to know more about him? Well, we’ll tell you all the tails right away.

New Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition: a Bluetooth controller for Android and Steam

Xiaomi launches a Bluetooth controller for less than € 50 to change

It sms that this year Xiaomi is willing to lve even eper into the vio ga market. Recently, they have present the Black Shark 5 and POCO F4 GT, two smartphones that every gar would love to have. And now, they have launch the Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition, the brand’s first controller that is also compatible with Android, Windows and Steam. This ans that you can use it to play on your mobile, tablet or computer.

The control cos with two wireless network technologies that guarant a stable and quality connection: Bluetooth 5.0 and a 2.4 GHz band receiver. Its sign is riniscent of the classic PlayStation 1 controller, and its minimalist style is accompani by a lot of buttons, triggers and two joysticks.

Also, it cos with a six axis gyroscope that allows to provi a somatosensory control similar to that offer by the DualSense of the PlayStation 5. And for its durability you will not have to worry, since the brand guarants that the buttons of the Xiaomi GaPad Elite Edition resist up to 1 million clicks without presenting errors.

Will the Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition reach the global market?

Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition price

The Xiaomi Gapad Elite Edition has gone on sale in China for a price of 329 yuan, about 47 euros to change approx. It is only available in a single color (white) and is accompani by an adjustable support for small and mobile tablets.

For now, Xiaomi has not reveal if this wireless controller will reach the rest of the world. <>Can’t wait for the Chinese brand to launch it on the global market? Well, here we bring you a list of the 5 st controls to play on Android that you can now buy.