600 Breezy Kids: Does He Have Triplets?

600 Breezy is an American musician that worked on many songs, as a celebrity, he has been in the news for numerous reasons, once again he is in the information, this time, his ex-girlfriend, Queen Key revealed that 600 Breezy was the biological father of her triplets.

As social media is reacting actively to the issue, we have decided to do our own research and share our findings with you.

Rapper 600 Breezy, who has appeared on Billboard’s charts, is said to be the father of Queen Key’s triplets.

The American artist became well-known after he decided to pursue music as a profession. There is a lot of talk regarding 600 Breezy Kids, and he denies being the father of Queen Key’s triplets.

From multiple online reports,

Does 600 Breezy Have Triplets?

In a 2020 interview, 600 Breezy expressed his gratitude for DNA testing and that he was glad he had “ducked a few babies.” He alleges that every relationship he has with a woman results in pregnancy claims.

Queen Key, who had criticized him on her social media accounts for being an absent father who didn’t provide child support for the three babies, has subsequently denied being the father of her children.

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