1440p resolution: Sony is testing 1440p support for PlayStation 5 in beta

Additionally, the upgrade adds additional social functions. On the Game Base card, users can send stickers and voice messages.
Sony has started testing the PlayStation 5 game console’s support for 1440p resolution. On July 29, beta testers will begin receiving the upgrade that includes new social features, game lists, and 1440p support.


You will need a TV or display that supports 2560 x 1440 resolution for the support to function. The console will use 1440p for native output if the game you’re playing supports it.

The PlayStation 5 can enhance the image quality by producing the image at 4K but super-sampling it down to 1440p for the final image if the game doesn’t support it.

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The latest update allows you to check your TV or display’s capability for the resolution within the program, although Sony has stated that VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) will only function at 1080p and 4K on the PlayStation 5.

In addition to supporting the resolution, Sony is introducing a new curated game list that, according to the company, has been created to simplify and arrange the user’s game library. There is a maximum of 100 games per list. A total of 15 such lists are allowed.

Sony is testing 1440p support for PlayStation 5 in beta

According to Sony, it is possible to add disc-based, digital, and streaming games to the lists for simpler management.

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1440p resolution support for the PlayStation 5 game console
1440p resolution support for the PlayStation 5 game console

Additionally, you may now contrast 3D audio with stereo audio in the options menu before deciding which you prefer. In-progress activities for the games you are playing are now displayed on the console directly above the game hub, allowing you to resume where you left off.

With the latest version, screen sharing is also available, and any user can ask party members to share their screen so that others can watch them play.

To achieve this, go to the chat card of the relevant party member and give them a request to share the screen.

Now, you can access a game directly from a party member’s notice. You will notice a notification if a party is playing a game that you can join. It will take you directly to the game if you click on it.

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Additionally, Sony made it possible to browse the profiles of those who make you friend requests. From the Game Base card, you may now send stickers and voice messages. Game Base is an exclusive social network where you can hang out with your pals.