Are FouseyTube and Alex Wassabi related?


After being knocked out in their first sparring session in 2019, Alex Wassabi has been pushing for a second one with fellow YouTube star Yousef ‘Fousey’ Erakat.

0 Alex Wassabi reunites with Yousef Fousey Erakat

The pair reunited last night at the OVO Arena Wembley in London for a press conference for Wassabi’s fight against Deji this weekend, and they discussed a possible rematch of their first meeting.


But Erakat isn’t interested, insisting that the American is a good puncher and reminding fans that he was losing the exchanges before landing a vicious right hand that knocked his friend out.

Wassabi has been wishing for a YouTube boxing match to prove his ability since then, and that wish will be granted when he travels to enemy territory to face Deji on Saturday night.


They have collaborated on a number of boxing-related projects, including lending their broadcasting skills and expertise in the field of YouTube boxing to Social Gloves and BKFC events.

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