100% FACTS that are hard for you to believe

Did you know” tidbits abound, and you may find yourself hearing them again and over again, perhaps on the back of a Snapple cap or something.


Yes, you are aware that Napoleon was not particularly tall and that frogs do not drink. However, for your brain’s sake, here are a slew of “did you know” facts that you’ve probably never heard before.

What 100% FACT is the hardest to believe?


Here are some facts you may never believe,

Cocaine is found on 90% of US currency.

Research found that 90 percent of the dollars moving in the economy contain cocaine on them, either as a result of exposure or drug usage. Cocaine traces as little as 0.006 micrograms were discovered (several thousand times smaller than salt). Cocaine residue sticks to the bills owing to the green coloring on the bills.

Hell is a real place.

There is a real “Hell” settlement in southern Norway, however it may not be what it claims to be: The temperature in Hell is regularly below 20°C, with lows in the negatives.

The PS1 proportions of Lara Croft were incorrect.

Toby Gard made a mistake when modifying Lara Croft’s character model, typing 150 percent instead of 50 percent for Croft’s bust size. This miscalculation resulted in the proportions we see in the PS1 game.

Cussing in front of a deceased person is banned in several regions of Texas.
In Texas, swearing in front of a corpse is illegal. Possession and distribution of sex toys are likewise prohibited in Reno.

Post-sex depression affects certain people.

You may have experienced Post-coital dysphoria if you’ve ever experienced intense sensations of grief, rage, or distress after sex (PCD). It occurs frequently after orgasm.

Attempts have been made to sue God.

Again, it may sound like one of those made-up amusing facts, but people have actually sued God — for reasons you might imagine.

In majority of these situations, negligence, failure to keep individuals away from the Devil, and other damaging actions of God are cited.

Each insect is a host to ten bacterial species

On Earth, there are around 2 billion species, with 6.8 million of them being insect species. Each of these insects contains up to ten different types of bacteria! Here are some more strange bug facts that make you squirm.

George was the first name given to Uranus.

In 1781, English astronomer William Herschel found the planet and dubbed it the Georgium Sidus (the Georgian Planet) in honor of King George III.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are incredibly distant cousins

Although the old wives’ tale that we are drawn to persons who look like our parents is arguable, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share more than simply a marriage. They appear to have a 15-generation ancestor in common. They aren’t the first royals to marry family—here are a few other royals who wedded relatives. Also, take a look at these less gruesome “did you know” trivia about the British royals.

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